• Successful State Street business owner of RCS Incorporated for nearly 40 years
    • Boy Scouts of America President of the Crossroads of the West Council
    • First Utah Orem Mission President (2015-2018)
    • LDS Family Services Advisory Board Chairman (2004-2013)
    • More than 60 years as a resident in Orem City
    • Husband to Shelby Killpack for 42 years, father of six, grandfather of 17
    • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from BYU
    • Orem High School alum


Chris Killpack was born in Provo, Utah, to Lovell Albert Killpack Jr. and Beverly Jean Brown Killpack. He is the youngest of six children and a native of Orem, Utah.

As a young man just turning twelve, his Scera Park elementary school class was studying qualities which help people to be successful. He was given the assignment to write a letter to someone he admired who held these qualities. He wrote to his aunt Lois’s mission president who was Thomas S. Monson, who by that time was a member of the Council of Twelve. Elder Monson was so kind and wrote back in February of 1971 outlining eight steps that he felt would be important in achieving success. He included a brief biography and a talk he had given at BYU entitled, “Learning the ABC’s at BYU.” This foundational letter, many fine leaders and several service opportunities helped confirm Chris Killpack’ s deep and abiding concern for his fellowmen.

Chris Killpack was given an appreciation for consistent effort and hard work through delivering newspapers starting when he was eleven through age fifteen. He would deliver daily newspapers and collect the subscription monies from his customers each month, then pay the newspaper company for his papers. During those years he also enjoyed raising Racing Homer and Birmingham Roller pigeons. He had more than 120 birds at one point. He has always loved pigeon stories, especially the one about the one-eyed pigeon and the lessons learned from adult role models in the community. Those early work opportunities allowed him to save enough money to pay for his own college and volunteer church service opportunities.

He was active in athletics in his youth participating in football, wrestling, track & field at Orem High School. He also sang in choir, was his high school yearbook editor and a member of the national honor society. Chris served as chairman of the Orem Youth Justice Council in high school helping his peers who had issues with the law and helped them work through this alternative program and avoid juvenile court.

Chris served a volunteer service mission for the LDS Church to Southern California while his parents served a mission in New York City.

He married Shelby Lin Williams and they are the parents of six children: three daughters and three sons. Additionally, they have 17 wonderful grandchildren with three sons-in-law and three daughters-in law. Their courtship began with a wink… (A story for another time).

He received degrees from Brigham Young University in electronics engineering technology BS EET and business administration MS MBA.

Chris and Shelby Killpack were Mission Leaders of the Utah Orem Mission from June 2015 through June 2018 for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Chris was CEO and President of RCS Incorporated – a wireless communications technology business that his father started in 1952. He merged RCS with Day Wireless Systems in 2020 and works now as their area manager of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. He served as chairman of the national service advisory council for Motorola Solutions Inc. and has experience in property development and property management helping his wife’s family with their property in Orem.

He has served as a volunteer in scouting for many years, loves young people and enjoys helping others achieve their full potential. He is currently serving Scouting BSA as the President of the Crossroads of the West Council that covers Utah and parts of Wyoming.